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Music in figure skating

No competitor should first compose his or hers free
skating program and then true to choose the music. Let me begin with the music

The competitor should choose the music well in advance,
e.g. during the preparatory period after the competition season. The character
of the music chosen should correspond to the temperament and emotional
character of the skater. The skater must be given an opportunity to create and
to transform musical ideas to the skating movements.

At this point let me mention the attempts of skaters to
have music composed to a ready-made free skating program. He or she might
achieve the jumps and other elements to be in perfect harmony with the music,
however, the music only expresses though technically perfect movements.

Not every musical composition is suitable for free
skating because of several problems. First there is the question of a short
duration 2:00, 3:00, 4:00 or 4:30 minutes in which to squeeze all the necessary
components. Usually we want the music to have a lively opening in the short or
long skating program.

Every skater must insert into his or her program such
element as he can master well. He must also have a rough idea of the skating
steps he wants to use.

After having the free skating music put together, the
skater should listen to it several times and try to find out the motifs in the
music where a jump, spin or step sequence would be the best interpretation.

After learning the individual parts of the program well
we commence skating the whole program with the music and try to make it a
really harmonious composition in unison with the music.

To conclude this chapter of the music let us consider the
part of the coach in the process of creating a free skating program.

The Music in figure skating article is written by Karin
Doherty, World and Olympic figure skating coach.


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